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The Northeast Wisconsin Chapter of the APA meets monthly on the second Thursday.  Meetings rotate between the Appleton and Green Bay areas.  Please visit our website for future updates.


**A follow up to the November 5 meeting:  Here are the FUTA Credit Reduction States for 2015:

The Department of Labor (DOL) has announced that the following three states and one territory will pay higher FUTA taxes for calendar year 2015 because of the failure to repay their outstanding loans by November 10, 2015:



California: FUTA credit reduction rate is 1.5%; adjusted FUTA rate is 2.1%

Connecticut: FUTA credit reduction rate is 2.1%; adjusted FUTA rate is 2.7%

Ohio: FUTA credit reduction rate is 1.5%; adjusted FUTA rate is 2.1%

Virgin Islands: FUTA credit reduction rate is 1.5%; adjusted FUTA rate is 2.1%


**A follow up to the November 5 meeting:  Here is the link to the 2016 Publication 1494 Exempt from Levy chart as promised.**



**The power point presentation and follow up to our Q & A from the Oct 8 meeting on the ACA is now available under the Members Only section**



Date:  Thursday, December 10, 2015  8am-10pm

Speaker:  Olympic Silver Medalist in Judo

                   Lynn Roethke

Location:  Holiday Inn 

                    150 Nicolet Road

                     Appleton, WI


You won't want to miss this!!

Lynn is a dynamic and exciting speaker!  She will inspire, engage and motivate the audience with her energy and enthusiasm.

Lynn Roethke reigns as one of the most accomplished American female judoka competitors in the history of the sport.  Among her most notable accomplishments, Lynn is a two-time Olympic athlete, a Pan American gold medalist, and World Champion Silver medalist.  She was the first female to be inducted to the Black Belt Hall of Fame and voted as Olympic Athlete of the Year.  She competed in the -61 kg division for most of her competitive career (early 1980s -late 1990s).


Ms. Roethke is a two-time US Olympic competitor for judo.  Lynn competed in the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea where she would win the silver medal in the -61 kg (134 lbs) division.  This would make her the first American woman to compete in the finals (the gold was won by Diane Bell of GBR).  During these Olympics, women's judo was a demostration sport, therefore, did not count towards the USA's total medal count.  Lynn was also a member of the Olympic team at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.  Lynn is also a Pan American Games Champion in Sambo.


Lynn currently owns and operates Club Olympia in Fond du Lac, WI where she is a certified trainer and runs her own dojo, Club Olympia Judo.  She is a seventh degree black belt. 



  Attendees will receive  1 CPP/FPC credit for this seminar.

Please RSVP to Lyn.Preissner@Menasha.com by December 8th if you will be attending.


Isn't it time you become a CPP?

Beginning in June,we will be holding another CPP Study Group!  The last two sessions have been wildly successful with a 90% passer rating!  Isn't it time you put CPP behind your name?

Classes will begin June 25th and will be held at Concordia University in Ashwaubenon.  The study group will last 9 weeks, meeting on Thursday nights. 

CPP Instructors are also needed!  We welcome newly certified and those who have been certified and recertified for a while!  We use the the Payroll Source as our guide for the exam, as well as supplemental materials provided by the course coordinator. 

We need leaders to review the following materials:

-Employee/Employer Relationship
-Federal Wage & Hour Law
-Taxable & Non-Taxable Compensation
-Health, Accident, Retirement & other Deductions from pay
-Paying the Employee & Payroll for US Employees Abroad
-Unemployment Insurance, Record keeping, & Payroll Accounting
-Withholding, Depositing, & Reporting Taxes
-Payroll Systems & Technology and Managing a Payroll Department
For more information , to register for the class or to become an instructor, please contact Emily Tietyen at 920-465-4278 or Emily.tietyen@naturesway.com.

If you would like to join our email update list please click on Contact Us and then "Click here to sign up for our email lists". 


The Northeast Wisconsin Payroll Chapter is affiliated with American Payroll Institute, Inc. (dba American Payroll Association) but is an autonomous and independent organization. American Payroll Institute, Inc. is not responsible for the liabilities, statements, or activities of any of its affiliated chapters.

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