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Payroll Tax Facts Fast
There are times during the year when you know an important change in federal rules, regulations, or forms is imminent. With APA you will stay ahead of the pack. This Chapter brings you up to date speaker presentations and topics monthly.

  • Do you know what the financial penalties are for failing to file payroll data on magnetic media if your company meets the mandatory qualifications? What the potential penalties are for violations of the Wage and Hour Law enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor? What can happen if your employees are not paid overtime correctly or do not receive their paychecks on time?
  • Do you know what one late pension payment to a union cost?
  • Did you know that close to one-third of the companies in the United States are currently considering acquisition of a new system to process the payroll? And that the research done, the conversion team formed and the choices made could result in saving a company hundreds of dollars each year?

The effective payroll professional saves your company money and exposure to liability by processing the payroll accurately, efficiently and timely. This requires keeping abreast of the technological and legislative trends which have impact on the payroll function and ultimately, the company.

Payroll Professional Status
The greatest benefit of membership is that you have decided to stand up and be counted. When you join APA, your voice and professional status are raised in union. You are an important link in a powerful professional chain. The synergy created through membership and your company's realization of your professional standing profit you and your organization. You make a difference when you join the APA. We offer CEU credits for our CPA's and CPP's.